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Andrea, You're the best! Thank you very much for sharing the great tips on coding and software development in addition to your experience as a programmer.

Excellent knowledge :)

Frank Giordano

These emails are very useful. Because the content is short, solid, and straightforward, and I can read it anywhere if I have some time.

So the content is a good summary and reminder of how I can become a better dev. Thank you A!

Janos Dalnoki

Super helpful tip, I recently started to use Riverpod, and your videos and tutorials helped me to understand this awesome management state approach.

I'm going to implement the AsyncValueWidget right away since I have several places where I'm using repetitive code. Thanks!


Hi Andrea, I just read your 23 Top Tips article and really loved it.

I am currently just a junior Flutter developer, and this article motivates me to become senior-level.

Thanks for the tips, and I'll start applying them in my daily life.

Htoo Pyae Linn

Thanks Andrea for this amazing email.

I always wanted to look into isolates, but didn't have much time to find a great explanation around isolates, and it definitely gave me a quick glance over the course of an email. Really appreciate your efforts šŸ˜Š

Khurram Rizvi

I'm so glad at how you always have a link to the article on your website for future reference. Not many people who write newsletters do this, so it really speaks volumes about how great you are at communicating.

You actually care about both current subscribers and FUTURE subscribers. It's wonderful! Thank you so much! Have a blessed weekend!

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Join 19K+ Flutter developers who get 2+ high-quality articles every month. Published on Fridays.

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