Pricing For Teams

Level up your entire team with my Flutter courses.

This page explains how to purchase multiple copies of my courses for your team, and how the pricing works.

How Team Purchases Work (4+ copies)

Note: this only applies to purchases of 4 or more copies. For 1, 2, or 3 copies, please use the regular checkout flow.

  1. Send an email to and let me know which course(s) you want to purchase, and how many seats you need for each course.
  2. In the email, include your company name, address, and VAT number (if the company is EU-based).
  3. I’ll send you an invoice with the total price.
  4. You can pay the invoice by credit card or bank transfer.
  5. I’ll send you an email with as many free coupons as the number of seats you have ordered.
  6. You can distribute these coupons to your colleagues, who will be able to create an account and enroll in the course(s), without going through the usual checkout process.

Note: If your company is based in the UK, I’m required to add 20% VAT on the invoice (as my company is also UK-registered).

What courses are available?

Team packages are available for the following courses and bundles:

Pricing table

The price per seat depends on the regular course price and number of seats you purchase:

If you buy the 4x Course Bundle, I apply a 20% discount regardless of the number of seats.

Pricing Examples

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, please send an email to and I'll be happy to help.