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Launching CodeWithAndrea.com

Today I'm launching a brand new platform, that will contain all my app development tutorials under one roof.

I'm very excited about this, because when I started Coding With Flutter in 2018, I had no idea about video production, and didn't know if anyone would like my content.

Fast forward two years. And my channel has recently surpassed 10K subscribers, and I have produced 40 videos, all about Flutter development.

Beyond that, I have been sharing articles on Medium, and these have also been very popular.

And I even launched my Flutter & Firebase course that now has more than 2000 students and very high reviews.

So I'd like to say a big thanks for all your support. This keeps me going, and I can't wait to bring you more tutorials in 2020.

And since we're starting a new year - there is no better time to introduce you to CodeWithAndrea.com.

I created this site to bring all my tutorials under one roof, so that you can more easily browse my content.

I've built this site entirely from scratch using Ink and Plot, some tools for static site generation in Swift by John Sundell. I want to acknowledge his amazing work, because this website would not exist without it.

The end result is a new responsive website that is:

  • fast ⚡️
  • free for everyone (no sign up required) 💪
  • Javascript-free (apart from the embedded YouTube videos 😉)

These are very rare qualities on the Internet these days. And I hope you'll enjoy the experience.

Why CodeWithAndrea.com?

Coding With Flutter (my old website) is now dead. Or to be more accurate, it redirects to CodeWithAndrea.com.

And you may wonder - why the name change?

Don't get me wrong, my goal for the future is to continue making high-quality Flutter tutorials.

But there is more.

Beyond Flutter, my tutorials come from years of experience as a professional software engineer.

I want to share my knowledge and help you write effective code, and become more productive.

Under this light, I feel that CodeWithAndrea.com is a new brand that will build on the strengths of Coding With Flutter.

And it also opens up the scope for additional tutorials that are complementary to Flutter, and look more widely at mobile app development (and beyond).

A new beginning

If you look around, you'll find all the Flutter videos and tutorials that I have already published up until now.

And by the way, I already started adding transcripts to my videos, so that you can view my content in written format.

And because the website supports tags, you can more easily browse the content by topic. And even view all the tags in one page.

I've added syntax highlighting for code blocks, and I'm planning to improve the highlighter and make it more accurate for Dart code.

The site also contains a courses page. This lists all my Dart, Flutter & Firebase courses, and the course links will be always using my latest promotions. Buying my courses through this website is the best way to support my work.

Future Roadmap

The website is live. But this is just the beginning.

The site is still missing some features and needs some tweaks and polish.

In fact, if you find something that is not working, you can report it by using the link at the bottom of each page.

This will take you to this repository where you can file any issues, and take a look at my complete roadmap.

In the coming weeks, I'm planning to add a lot of additional features that will make this website an even better place to learn.

But for now, I want to point out that the site is already quite fast and I'll continue to improve performance and accessibility as time goes.

Strong privacy is also built-in. Apart from the embedded YouTube videos, the site itself doesn't have any client ads or trackers, not even for analytics. In fact, the whole site is Javascript-free.

And to me this is how the web should be: fast and private.

Future content

What are my plans for the future?

I will continue to improve the website, but I'll start again making videos for my channel, which will also be renamed to Code With Andrea.

So I encourage you to subscribe for more Flutter tutorials.

And I hope that you will enjoy my new website. You can ping me on Twitter with any feedback you may have.

Happy browsing! 😀

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