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My Favourite List of Flutter Resources

This is my own personal list of favourite articles, videos and resources about Flutter.

It is a very subjective list. My goal with this is to organise all my favourite Flutter learning resources in one place (and try to keep it up to date). And since I like sharing, here it is for everyone to see. πŸ˜‰

Lastly, there are A LOT of other great articles and videos that I have not included. I am mainly at fault for any omissions, and being unable keep up with all the good stuff.

For a more comprehensive list of the best Flutter resources, see Awesome Flutter on GitHub.

For all the latest stuff, check out the FlutterDev subreddit.


This list contains some in-depth articles that have greatly helped me to understand some complex areas of Flutter. And it also includes some practical guides that can be very useful on a daily basis.

Developer Talks

A full list of developer talks can be found here:

Here is a short list of my favourites:

Official Documentation

Continuous Integration

Shortcuts for Android Studio, VS Code

Apps with Source Code

Tools, Plugins, Reference

Happy coding!

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