IntelliJ / Android Studio Shortcuts for Flutter Development

Life is short.

Time is precious.

Make the most of it.

There's a really good article on WaitBuyWhy about how the weeks in your life are like diamonds.

You have this small spoonful of diamonds and you really want to create a life in which they’re making you happy.

I'm happy when I'm coding in the zone. And I see my IDE as a powerful extension of my brain.

Here I share some of my favourite shortcuts for Flutter development, so that I can save myself and everyone else a lot of time. πŸ˜‰

First things first

IntelliJ IDEA is extremely configurable and I use as my IDE of choice for Flutter development.

You can see the default keymaps by selecting Help β†’ Keymap Reference, which links to this handy PDF reference.

Spend some time getting familiar with existing keymaps. Then, you can optimise your workflow and bind your own keys. It's totally worth it!

You can configure custom keymaps in the preferences:

  • IntelliJ IDEA β†’ Preferences or ⌘,, then Keymap:

My favourite shortcuts

This list is a combination of generic and Flutter-specific shortcuts that I use in my workflow.

Reformat Code with dartfmt

Made changes to a source file and want to reformat code?

  • Code β†’ Reformat Code with dartfmt
  • My keymap: βŒ₯⌘L

How does it work? Say your indentation is a bit messy, like this:

Fixing indentation by hand? Forget it.

Automated and consistent formatting is just one shortcut away.

Hot Tips

Adding a comma on the last parameter will format the code across multiple lines:

Omitting the comma on the last parameter will keep the code inline:

Most stock widgets in Flutter have a lot of optional parameters, so keeping them in separate lines can be a big win.

Extend / Shrink Selection

No need to use your trackpad to select a code block. Try this out instead:

  • Edit β†’ Extend Selection or βŒ₯↑
  • Edit β†’ Shrink Selection or βŒ₯↓

You can use this in combination with Extract to Method.

Extract to Method

Select a block of code (make sure the parentheses are balanced), then:

  • βŒƒ Click β†’ Refactor β†’ Extract β†’ Method...
  • My keymap: βŒ₯⌘M

Super useful to decompose nested widget trees.

Wrap code options

Select a widget in your widget tree, then: βŒ₯⏎

Rename symbol

  • βŒƒ Click β†’ Refactor β†’ Rename
  • Default keymap: ⇧F6

I use this all the time - especially when I forget to make things private.

Import library

Creating a new widget? You can quickly import the required library without adding the import manually. Just hit βŒ₯⏎:

This one is a Godsend! ⏱

Optimise imports

As your code evolves, you may find that it has unused imports:

Clearing them away is just one shorcut away with βŒƒβŒ₯O or Code β†’ Optimize Imports.

Implementing overrides

Just start typing the name of the method to be overriden / implemented:

IntelliJ will suggest all candidates - choose one and hit Enter.

Implement methods

Similar to the above, use this to quickly add methods that are not yet implemented in a class. Mapped to βŒƒI.


Handy shortcut to generate common class methods and members. Mapped to βŒ₯N.

Search Everywhere

I use this as a quick file switcher or to find symbols by name within my code.

Just press Double ⇧ to show this window:


This is very useful to switch between recent files.

Press βŒƒβ‡₯ to show, then again βŒƒβ‡₯ to select the next tab or βŒƒβ‡§β‡₯ to select the previous tab:

Also note the tabs on the left. Each one of these can be selected directly. So it would be βŒ₯1 for Project, βŒ₯2 for Favorites and so on.

Move Back / Forward

Very useful for source code navigation. For example to return to previous scope after clicking through a method definition.

This is mapped to βŒ₯βŒ˜β† and βŒ₯βŒ˜β†’ by default.

Find Usages

This one is super useful in bigger projects or if you're new to a codebase. Finds all usages of a given method or class:

Edit β†’ Find β†’ Find Usages or βŒ₯F7.

Open project in Xcode / Android Studio

Ever need to jump over to Xcode to edit your iOS code / settings?

Head over to the ios folder, then βŒƒ Click β†’ Flutter β†’ Open Project in Xcode...:

Or jump over to Android Studio to edit your Android project?

Head over to the android folder, then βŒƒ Click β†’ Flutter β†’ Open Project in Android Studio...:

Hide All Tool Windows & Distraction free mode

IntelliJ has a lot of useful tool windows. But sometimes they get on the way.

Hiding them is just on shortcut away with β‡§βŒ˜F12:

What this does it collapse them to the side (while still keeping them accessible).

To hide them entirely, you can use Distraction Free Mode. (View β†’ Enter Distraction Free Mode). I have mapped this to β‡§βŒ˜F11:

One more thing

Hot Reloading in Flutter is awesome. I get the best of it by running my IDE and the Simulator side by side:

With this setup I get super rapid feedback and my Flutter workflow is a breeze. πŸš€

Have I missed any good shortcuts? Let me know on Twitter.

Happy coding!

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