Flutter: How to Draw a Task Completion Ring with CustomPainter

This is a free lesson from my Flutter Animations course, where you'll learn how to build a completely custom habit tracking app.

Micro-interactions are great! They can enhance the user experience in our apps and delight our users.

And when the built-in Flutter widgets are not enough, CustomPainter comes to the rescue!

So let's see how to use it to draw the UI for this animated task completion ring:

Task completion ring animation
Task completion ring animation

This animated sequence is composed of multiple stages:

  1. show the non-completed task UI
  2. gradually fill the ring when we tap and hold on the task
  3. show a checkmark icon for confirmation
  4. show the completed task UI

In particular, this "partially completed" ring UI is not something that we can create using the built-in widgets in the Flutter SDK:

Task completion ring
Task completion ring

Instead, we need to use a CustomPainter and this free lesson covers all the details:

Introduction to CustomPainter

Key Points

The task completion ring can be represented as a StatelessWidget subclass with an AspectRatio and a CustomPaint child:

class TaskCompletionRing extends StatelessWidget { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return AspectRatio( // Use 1.0 to ensure that the custom painter // will draw inside a container with width == height aspectRatio: 1.0, child: CustomPaint( painter: RingPainter(), ), ); } }

Then we can add a CustomPainter subclass and override the paint() and shouldRepaint() methods:

class RingPainter extends CustomPainter { @override void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) {} @override bool shouldRepaint(covariant CustomPainter oldDelegate) => true; }

The paint() method has two arguments:

  • a canvas object that we can use to draw things
  • a size object that tells us how big is the drawing area

The shouldRepaint() method should return true when something has changed (we'll get back to this later).

Implementing the RingPainter

This video shows how to complete our completion ring UI:

Drawing a task completion ring with the canvas

By the end of the lesson, we're able to draw this circular ring:

Task completion ring
Task completion ring

This is implemented like this:

class RingPainter extends CustomPainter { // 1. add a constructor and properties that can be set from the parent widget RingPainter({ required this.progress, required this.taskNotCompletedColor, required this.taskCompletedColor, }); // a value between 0 and 1 final double progress; // background color to use when the task is not completed final Color taskNotCompletedColor; // foreground color to use when the task is completed final Color taskCompletedColor; @override void paint(Canvas canvas, Size size) { // 2. configure the paint and drawing properties final strokeWidth = size.width / 15.0; final center = Offset(size.width / 2, size.height / 2); final radius = (size.width - strokeWidth) / 2; // 3. create and configure the background paint final backgroundPaint = Paint() ..isAntiAlias = true ..strokeWidth = strokeWidth ..color = taskNotCompletedColor ..style = PaintingStyle.stroke; // 4. draw a circle canvas.drawCircle(center, radius, backgroundPaint); // 5. create and configure the foreground paint final foregroundPaint = Paint() ..isAntiAlias = true ..strokeWidth = strokeWidth ..color = taskCompletedColor ..style = PaintingStyle.stroke; // 6. draw an arc that starts from the top (-pi / 2) // and sweeps and angle of (2 * pi * progress) canvas.drawArc( Rect.fromCircle(center: center, radius: radius), -pi / 2, 2 * pi * progress, false, foregroundPaint, ); } // 7. only return true if the old progress value // is different from the new one @override bool shouldRepaint(covariant RingPainter oldDelegate) => oldDelegate.progress != progress; }

Note the use of the covariant keyword when overriding the shouldRepaint() method. This is so that oldDelegate can be declared with type RingPainter even though it's declared as CustomPainter in the base class.

Key Points

  • we can implement a CustomPainter when any of the existing Flutter widgets are not enough for our purposes.
  • when extending the CustomPainter class we have to implement the paint() and shouldRepaint() methods.
  • the paint() method gives us a canvas that we can use to draw shapes. All the draw methods that are available take a Paint object that we can use to customise the appearance of our shapes.
  • if we want to draw shapes that are relative to the size of the parent widget, we can create variables that depend on the size argument,
  • we can make our painters customisable by passing some values as arguments, just like we would do if we were creating custom widgets.
  • we can implement the shouldRepaint() method in such a way that it only returns true when something changes, and this helps with performance.

Bonus: Here's a full tutorial on how to use CustomPainter:

In the next lesson, we'll see how to implement the task animation using AnimationController.

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