I'm hiring a Web Developer to build Code With Andrea v2.0!

Come join me in building the next version of CodeWithAndrea with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Swift! High fidelity Figma designs will be provided.

UPDATE: Applications are now closed as I have found some very promising candidates.

Every month, over 40,000 people visit Code With Andrea to learn Flutter with my tutorials and courses.

While creating new content is my primary focus, this website is at the core of everything I do and I want to make it better for everyone!

And now I'm looking for a Web Developer to help me take this site to the next level!

Who am I looking for?

  • mid or senior-level web developer (3+ years experience is ideal)
  • essential: experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and basic GitHub workflows
  • essential: can convert Figma designs into pixel-perfect, responsive websites with CSS
  • desirable: familiar with the Swift programming language
  • bonus: experienced with Next.js, TailwindCSS
  • very good spoken and written English
  • self-starter, able to figure things out and work with little guidance
  • keen to help grow one of the best sites for Flutter tutorials and courses
  • remote, but ideally located between GMT-2 and GMT+4 (Europe / Africa)

Hours, Pay, and Benefits

  • freelance, part-time, likely 10 to 20 hours/week initially
  • $25 to $50+ per hour depending on experience
  • flexible hours: I care about the outcome, not when you work
  • focus on quality: I'm an experienced developer myself and I value code that is well-written
  • learning and growth opportunities: you'll get actionable feedback about your work via code reviews and video pairing sessions.

If you're interested, I'll also show you how I run a content creation business for developers, give you free access to all my courses, and offer some mentoring about Flutter app development.

Tech Stack

Code With Andrea is built using Publish, a static site generator for Swift developers.

Really? Swift? How does it work?

All the site content is written with Markdown. I use a Swift command-line app based on Publish to process all the files and build the site by running multiple build steps:

Environment: DEV Publishing Code With Andrea (15 steps) [1/15] Install plugin 'Pygments' [2/15] Use custom MarkdownParser [3/15] Use custom SectionItemOutputPathModififer [4/15] Use custom DateFormatter [5/15] Add Markdown files from '../code_with_andrea_content/Content' folder [6/15] Add Content files from '../code_with_andrea_content/Content' folder [7/15] Add AboutPage [8/15] Minify CSS [9/15] Copy 'Resources' files [10/15] Generate search.json [11/15] Generate HTML [12/15] Move 404 page [13/15] Generate site map [14/15] Update Redirects File [15/15] Deploy website Published to: /Users/andrea/work/codewithandrea/github/code_with_andrea_publish/.publish/dev-Deploy/ Successfully published Code With Andrea

Under the hood, I use Plot, a domain-specific language (DSL) for writing type-safe HTML in Swift. This means that the various features of the site are built with a component-based declarative API that looks like this:

Plot type-safe components API
Plot type-safe components API

Does it mean that you need to know Swift?

No. The most important thing is that you know how to create a responsive website with vanilla HTML, CSS & JS from existing designs, and produce good quality code.

I can take care of the Swift integration work myself. But it will be very valuable if you are willing to learn this and I'll help you along if needed.

Why not something like Next.js?

I know, some other static site generators are far more popular and don't require any Swift knowledge. If I was starting today that's what I'd use.

But for the time being I need to refresh the site UI, and I'll consider changing the tech stack later.

Some things you will work on

  • Help me implement a major redesign of the site (high fidelity Figma designs will be provided)
  • Add many small incremental features that improve the site usability
  • Audit the site with Lighthouse and improve its performance
  • Migrate from png to webp for images
  • Add a countdown timer for course discounts
  • Add a sprinkle of JS here and there to enable new features such as course coupons and affiliate codes

We'll work with GitHub flow and track progress with this board:

GitHub Project Board
GitHub Project Board

You'll be given detailed tasks to work on, make pull requests, and receive code reviews from me.

Initially, we'll do some online pairing lessons. I'll walk you through parts of the codebase and guide you through the implementation of simple features.

Later on, you'll be able to build bigger features independently. If you're interested, you'll also get the chance to contribute to other areas of the business (content, marketing, etc.).

What I need from you

You don't need to be an expert. But you should be very comfortable with HTML, CSS, JS, and have something tangible to show for it (such as a portfolio or website you built).

You should be able to learn new things quickly (with guidance initially, then more independently).

As a remote collaborator, you'll need to communicate effectively. Please read this article by Michael Lynch for more guidelines about working with me.

Is this a full-time / part-time / hourly commitment?

This is not a full-time job. You'll be working on this project on a freelancing basis for 10 to 20 hours per week.

Initially, you'll be on a paid trial period so that we can work out if this is a good fit. If all goes well, I hope that we'll enjoy working together, learn a lot from each other, and have some fun along the way.

This could well turn into a longer-term collaboration and you'll get the chance to do many interesting things.

What else will you learn?

Running Code with Andrea is not just about coding. I spend a lot of time writing content, doing marketing, and growing the business.

By working with me you'll get first-hand experience for what it's like to run a profitable content creation business (and maybe one day you'll use this knowledge to create your own).

Over time, you'll get valuable insights and skills that go beyond coding. Not many other places can offer that.

How to Apply

UPDATE: Applications are now closed as I have found some very promising candidates.

Thank you for your interest, and happy coding!