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Flutter Tutorial for Beginners: Layout Basics


Welcome to my introduction to Flutter for Beginners.

I have created this tutorial to help you get started with layouts in Flutter.

The material that you'll see here is one of the initial chapters of my Flutter & Firebase course.

This includes 2 full hours of content about building layouts, and it shows you how to build a sign-in page from scratch.

NOTE: To follow along from lesson 29 onwards, download this images.zip file and add it to the root of your project.

Included in this tutorial

  • MaterialApp, ThemeData, and how to create a Scaffold with an AppBar
  • Column and Row widgets, and how to use the CrossAxisAlignment, MainAxisAlignment properties
  • the Padding widget
  • how to create and customise Text widgets
  • creating custom button widgets: how to customise their color & shape, and add images with logos
  • how to design a good and ergonomic widget API
  • and much more

Note: if you're new to Dart, check out my free Introduction to Dart on YouTube.

Happy coding!

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