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Dart Beginners Course - Tutorial #02: Dart Basics

This is the second chapter of my Complete Dart Course.


  • Intro
  • Section Intro
  • The main method
  • Hello world
  • Variable declaration and initialization
  • Basic types
  • Exercise: printing variables
  • String Concatenation & Interpolation
  • Exercise: String interpolation
  • String Escaping
  • Multi-line strings
  • Basic String operations: uppercase and lowercase
  • Initialization vs Assignment
  • Exercise: Lowercase and uppercase strings
  • Finding and replacing strings
  • Conversions between types
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Exercise: temperature conversion
  • Increment & decrement operators
  • Logical & Relational operators
  • Ternary conditional operator
  • Hex format, bitwise & shifting operators
  • Comments
  • Expressions & statements

Here's the supporting GitHub project.

You can view all the details here: Complete Dart Course

Happy Coding!

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