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What happens next?

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For now, here's an overview of the bonuses you'll find in the course:

Bonus: Lesson notes

The Flutter Foundations course already included notes and additional resources in all the lessons, and many people said they were very valuable. So I decided to include them again in this new course.

These are particularly useful to get a general overview of what a specific lesson is about:

Lesson notes in the course
Lesson notes in the course

I often use notes when there are manual steps to follow, such as running some commands from the terminal, which can be easily missed when watching the videos.

Bonus: Code snippets with syntax highlighting

What’s more, all the lesson notes will include code snippets with syntax highlighting. Here’s an example:

Code snippets
Code snippets

Bonus: Code snapshots

If you’re familiar with my previous courses, you’ll know that I often share starter projects and updated code snapshots, so we can focus on the most interesting stuff, rather than writing all the code from scratch.

And starting with this new course, all code snapshots will be available as git branches rather than downloadable zip files.

This will reduce friction and keep the flow going as you follow the course, since you’ll be able to do:

git reset --hard HEAD git checkout <new-feature-branch-name>

Much easier that downloading a zip file, extracting it, opening it with VSCode, running flutter pub get, and so on.

For the time being, git branches are only available on the new Firebase course. But at some point I'll update the Foundations course to also do this.

Bonus: Source code and Documentation site

All my courses come with full source code on GitHub, and this one is no exception:

GitHub repo for the course
GitHub repo for the course

And just like I’ve done with the Foundations course, I’ll also share a documentation website containing FAQs, articles, and reference guides that will complement all the course content.

Bonus: Q/A and Slack Support

In addition to the course content, all the lesson notes, code snippets, source code, and documentation are designed to improve your learning experience.

But we all know that coding an app from beginning to end is not a straight path. And I expect you’ll have some questions along the way.

For that reason, I have enabled comments for all lessons. And you’ll also get access to a Slack channel where you can ask questions and get a reply directly from me. I know how frustrating it is to get stuck on a problem, and I’ll try my best to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Bonus: English Subtitles

All the video lessons in the course will come with English subtitles (and will be ready on launch day). These will be generated with an AI-powered speech-to-text service and are guaranteed to be 99% accurate.

Course Preview

For a better overview of all the course bonuses, here’s a sneak peek of the first lesson of the course:

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