Flutter app development tutorials by Andrea Bizzotto

Flutter & Firebase Course: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android

22 hours of in-depth content, taking you from the basics all the way up to more advanced topics.

Flutter & Firebase Course
  • Learn Dart, Flutter & Firebase

    This course starts from the basics, and includes a full introduction to Dart and Flutter. This means that NO prior experience with Dart and mobile app development is needed.

  • Clear Explanations

    Important concepts are explained with clear diagrams. You will always learn what you will be building and why, and then show to do it.

  • Build a Complete App

    We will start from scratch. As you make progress, the course will introduce more advanced topics, with special emphasis on writing production-ready code, so that you can learn how to build robust applications that scale.

  • Fast-track your learning

    This course offers a lot of practical advice, along with tips and techniques that I have battle-tested over years of experience. It goes far beyond "making things work", and give you a very solid understanding of many different techniques and their tradeoffs.

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